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There is a growing concern with the air quality in our lives, both outdoor and indoor. What provides you, your heating or cooling system with fresh, clean air is your duct system. That makes it necessary to clean it as soon as you notice that something isn’t all right with the ducts themselves or your house. This includes cleaning ducts, grilles, diffusers, heat and cooling coils, fans, etc.

These services can cost between 500$ and a thousand dollars. That wide range is due to different factors. These factors include the size of your air duct system, the amount and percentage of contaminated parts, the climate you live in and how easy or difficult it is to access your system

Why is Important to Clean Air Ducts?

It is essential for the health and quality of life of you and your family. If your air ducts are clean, they will provide your home with quality, clean air. If they are not properly cleaned, they will accumulate all kinds of particles that can only do harm. Some of those particles include pollen and other allergens. Even if not a huge health hazard, if you leave your ducts dirty, they could damage the health of your family. Your family members could develop asthma or other respiratory-related issues.

Cleaning the duct system also means that it will work better. All the particles and debris that is accumulating around your system is making it work below its capacities. It will also spend more energy, which raises your bill as well. With clean air ducts, you will be guaranteed a system that works at its full capacity, heating or cooling your home as you wish it did. Your home will be the ideal temperature and your wallet won’t get thinner either.

The larger the amount of debris in your ducts, the greater the chances that something might get broken. So cleaning them regularly, no matter the cost, is a great way to reduce the cost that you might have to pay for replacement parts, or even a whole new air duct system.

Amazing Air Duct also provide duct cleaning services at the nearest cities:

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How often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

That depends on a couple of factors. In general, the experts agree, based on the accumulation of experiences, that you should do it between every three to five years. Never wait longer than five years to clean your system completely.

But one should always approach this on a case by case basis. To help you determine the right time when you should start seriously considering cleaning your ducts, we have compiled the key factors:

  • If you notice dust around the outside of your vents.
  • If your filters are getting muddy and cakey faster and faster.
  • If you look inside your vents and notice a serious amount of dirt inside them.
  • In the case that you see or smell mold around your home or vents.
  • In the case that some sort of vermin starts to live in different parts of your HAVC system.

If you are experiencing one or a few of the examples that we have listed above, it is time for cleaning your wents. In addition to this, there are some other scenarios where cleaning your ducts is a smart idea.

Air Duct Cleaning Huntersville NC

How does Our Air Duct Cleaning Work?

The first step our professional air duct cleaning Huntersville NC crew will do is to assess the situation in total. They will cover every part of the system, look for dirt, irregularities, leaks, if parts are still useable, etc. Once that part is done, the crew will attach a large vacuum to the ductwork. This will, with enough time, collect all the dirt, debris that has accumulated all along your ductwork system. Following that, workers will clean the rest of it manually. In most cases, they will use a combination of manual or power brushes to scrub the inside walls of your HAVC system.

They use all kinds of tools. Starting with the vacuum that we already mentioned, they also use chemicals and sanitizers – usually, those are only used in homes that are infested with a lot of black molds, hand tools, like brushes devices, and finally, cameras and sensors that will let them explore and get familiar with areas of your system that are hard to access any other way.

Our Services
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Amazing Air Duct in Huntersville also provides professional Dryer Vent Cleaning. Dryer Vent Cleaning is a service that is recommended yearly to ensure a safe and efficient home. Amazing Air Duct are properly trained and certified to inspect your air ducts or dryer vent for health and fire hazards. We offer several more services besides this so that we can provide you with want you need.

Air Duct Replacment

Air Duct Replacment

Air duct replacement service provided by us is an integral part of our integrated air duct services. We not only  ensure that your air ducts are clean from bacteria, mold and dust, we want to make sure you air duct supporting the efficiency HVAC system. If one of the air ducts is damaged in some way, your air conditioner will not work sufficiently and will waste unnecessary energy.

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